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Zen-style Nationally Classic Stone - Panda White Marble
- Oct 29, 2018 -


Panda white, black and white color, like the body color of China's super-protected animal giant panda, hence the name "Panda White." Panda White can be described as the "king of sex" in the stone industry. It is suitable for home decoration and in line with hotel engineering requirements. The ultimate collision between black and white has become a classic in design.




A piece of panda white board is like a piece of ink painting with a charm. The black and white textures are intertwined, and the white is swaying with smoked gray and black ink. It has the exquisite poetry of Wu Guanzhong's ink painting, which is called the “national treasure”.

giant panda

On the white base surface,

The black lines flow freely and quietly,

Like a person who is drunk after unintentional work,

There are wild grasses and wildness here.

Black is deep and calm,

Is a kind of thinking in the world,

White is pure and elegant,

Is a kind of lightness,

The two set off against each other,

Low-key and introverted, but arrogant inside.

Panda white as the background wall

all the time

All exude a unique charm

A glimpse of Zen

a heart-wrenching heart

Can be placed at this moment


One ink, one stone, one zen heart,

Tap a light and brew a pot of tea,

In leisure time,

Sitting in the old days with the ink stone,

Breast with cloud water,

Looking for a Buddha light on your own.

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