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Why Choose Marble As Wall Background
- Jan 24, 2019 -

1. Natural beauty

Natural pattern (non-renewable, non-reproducible), natural luster (presenting natural luster), natural texture, high plasticity, can process any shape; long geological diagenesis process, creating different patterns of marble, some of these patterns It seems like "water waves flow", and some are like "cloud and sky connected", "smoky waves", "stunning waves"..., changeable and cannot be copied; from the color point of view: "color is beautiful", natural marble is rich in color, with white , black, beige, green, pink, red and other colors and luster, and natural soft, not hard, has a very good fusion; from the texture point of view: "100 million years into its shape" of natural marble , because of the different varieties, it presents different textures, or warm, or hard, or layered, or flat as a mirror..., it is awesome and awesome!

2. Durable

Natural marble has unparalleled economic value compared to other man-made building materials. As a product of billions of years of geological evolution, marble can have a lifespan of hundreds of years. Historically, many of the architectural monuments of natural marble have been around for thousands of years, such as the Greek temple, the ancient Colosseum and so on, which have a history of more than 2,000 years. The two features of “renovable” and “repairable” make the marble more time-lasting and more aesthetic, which is not available in any other related building materials.

3. Classic Eternity

Natural marble is eternal with its uniqueness and scarcity. There are many marble-like tile products on the market, but this kind of product that can be produced in batches is completely incomparable with the unique attributes of marble. It is the best guarantee to reflect the eternal value of natural marble. Natural marble is the result of the power of nature. No artificial environment can be truly copied and imitated, and it can never be surpassed. Therefore, the beauty of natural marble is the most classic and most timeless.

4. Extraordinary taste

In ancient civilizations, natural marble, as a noble material, is often used in the construction of architectural wonders such as palaces, temples and statues to show worship of rulers and gods, reverence for natural forces; time to modern, natural marble Still as an irreplaceable top-grade building material, it is the best choice for national engineering, star-rated hotels and handed down mansions, such as the Great Hall of the People's Hall, the National Grand Theatre and other buildings, all of which are evidenced by natural marble. Extraordinary taste.

5. Green environmental protection

Natural marble is natural and natural, just like flowers and trees. It is friendly and harmonious with human living environment and contains no radioactive substances that may affect human health. According to GB2008, GB2010, GB2011, GB2013 standards, stone radioactivity is far lower than ceramic tiles, wood flooring, mobile phones, computers, etc., belonging to the national Class A (green) building materials; modern natural marble mining operations, has completely abandoned gunpest cracking Such as the technology that will cause damage to nature, the popularization and promotion of "cold mining" technology will greatly reduce the exploitation rate and utilization rate of mine resources, and will also minimize the damage to the natural environment.