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Why Are Artificial Stones Easy To Crack?
- Jan 29, 2019 -

Most of the cracks in the countertops of artificial stone cabinets are caused by three reasons: not loving or 

improperly used, adding a lot of calcium powder in artificial stone, and making cabinets uneven. No matter 

what the reason is always from the artificial point of view, so when you are doing the cabinet, you must 

understand some basic knowledge of artificial stone countertops. Secondly, you should look for the quality of 

artificial stone when you buy it. Finally, the cabinet is made. Pay attention to the situation, so as not to install 

the problem.

Why is there a crack in the countertop of the artificial stone cabinet?

1. As it is not cherished or used improperly

The countertop also needs to be meticulously maintained. The normal artificial stone countertop can withstand

 a temperature of 130 °C, especially if it is not heated locally. Even if the quartzite with good high temperature 

resistance is high, if the temperature is high, it will burst and avoid the open flame. Or high temperature on the 

countertop directly bake, roast, burn, do not put the cooking hot pot on the stove directly on the table, should 

use insulation materials such as the pad; should be cut on the cutting board to cook food, do not use metal 

sharps (chopper, etc.) ) Describe directly on the table and cut it to avoid surface damage and potential cracks.

In addition to the price, there is a more professional identification method, take a 50 cm small sample, ignite 

against the blue flame of the alcohol lamp, and then slowly leave the flame, the aluminum powder plate flame 

will automatically extinguish in 3 seconds, and the calcium powder The flame of the board will last for more 

than 10 seconds.

2. As a large amount of calcium powder is added to the artificial stone

Because artificial stone can be arbitrarily shaped, and the color is beautiful, it has become the mainstream of the

 market, but because the ingredients inside are not the same, even the difference is relatively large, the quality is 

also uneven.

Usually, the main components of artificial stone are colored chemicals, stabilizers, resins, and most importantly,

 aluminum powder and calcium powder. Aluminum powder is more environmentally friendly, and its chemical 

composition is aluminum hydroxide. It is widely used in stomach medicine and toothpaste. The molecular 

structure is compact and the stability is better; while the chemical composition of calcium powder is calcium

 carbonate, which is actually stone powder. It is relatively rough, impervious to permeability and has poor 

stability. The price difference between the two powders is very large, 1 ton of aluminum powder. The price is 

30,000, and the price of calcium powder is only one-tenth or even lower than that of aluminum powder. 

Therefore, the most critical problem of countertop cracks is that calcium is added to the artificial stone instead 

of aluminum powder.

Due to the complexity of the cabinet process, some merchants took the opportunity to recharge the consumer 

and deceive the consumer. The common method is to use inferior calcium powder, but the surface is covered 

with a layer of beautiful resin. The naked eye can only see the quality of the ordinary consumers. After sawing, 

the cross section of the artificial stone with good quality is rolled up. It is in the form of flakes, and the poor 

quality is broken and the adhesion is poor. At present, the high-quality artificial stone countertops are about 900 

yuan a meter, while the artificial stone countertops with a lot of calcium powder are only sold for 100 yuan a 

meter or even lower.

3. As the cabinet is not made

Since the shrinkage of the cabinet and the artificial stone countertop are not the same, the two cannot be bonded 

together. In order to make the table top evenly stressed, the cabinet must be level to prevent cracks. But now 

many non-brand cabinets are not standardized, refined production, the cabinet and the cabinet are connected by 

wood screws, the workers manually operate according to experience, each force must be different, this will lead 

to the cabinet is not Will level, put the countertop on the uneven cabinet, after a long time, it is prone to cracks.

At present, in addition to the refined operation, the brand cabinets will first put a layer of moisture-proof board 

on the cabinet, and then add the countertop; or after the cabinet is leveled, use the wooden strip as the keel 

support and connect with the glass glue to form a very flat surface. The plane, and then the countertop sits on 

the cabinet, on the one hand to improve the impact resistance of the countertop, on the other hand, due to the 

gap of the keel, it will help the heat dissipation of the stove.

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