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What Is The Advantages Of Marble Composite Panels?
- Jan 10, 2019 -

Marble is a natural product. There are no two identical stones in the world. The texture and color of each piece of stone are different. Even from the same block of material, the texture and color of every two places are not necessarily the same. The unique texture and color are the value of marble, with a stronger artistic appeal and decoration effect.

Composite marble is generally made up of 3mm stone and brick. The marble surface of the composite marble is treated by crystal face, which is basically non-sucking; the bottom of the ceramic blank is completely water-free and has no water spots; when paving, the composite marble is waterproofed, and it is not easy to have reverse osmosis.

Here are the top ten advantages of composite marble:

1. Light weight

The thinnest marble composite panel can be only about 5mm thick (composite with aluminum composite panel). The commonly used marble composite tiles are only about 12mm thick, which saves a lot of cost in transportation and is the best choice for the building with load restrictions.


2. Increased strength

After the combination of marble and ceramic tile, aluminum honeycomb panel, the strength of bending, folding and shear-resistant crushing is obviously improved, and the strength is increased by more than 5 times, which greatly reduces the damage rate during transportation, installation

3. Improved pollution resistance

Solid marble rough in the installation process, such as cement wet paste, cement mortar chemical changes to form calcium hydride, easy to cause reverse osmosis, resulting in a variety of discoloration and stain on the marble surface, and marble composite board minimizes the The phenomenon occurs (because the back stone product itself is not in secondary contact with the pasted material).

4. Easier to control the color difference

Because the marble is cut into a plurality of thin plates with the original stone material and then combined with materials such as ceramic tiles, the pattern and the color transition are natural, and it is easier to ensure the consistency of the color and the pattern when the large area is used.


5. Reduced installation costs

Due to the above characteristics, in the installation process, regardless of quality, strength or color separation, the installation efficiency and safety are greatly improved, and the installation cost is also reduced, and the installation cost is the same as the tile.

6. Natural and environmentally friendly

The natural stone has a large radiation of natural minerals, and the marble composite board can reduce the use of natural resources on the one hand, and minimize the radiation on the other hand, thereby achieving environmental protection purposes.


7. Greatly reduced the construction loss rate

Due to the heavy weight of the marble, the transportation and paving costs are high, the processing level is not enough, and the construction process is prone to breakage. The composite board has a good strength and uniform size, which saves part of the cost in transportation and installation, and is more expensive. The variety of stone materials, after being made into composite panels, is lower in cost than the original panels, and the construction loss is small.

8. Variety of colors

The composite panel greatly improves the strength of the marble, so it can make many sizes and colors that ordinary marble can't do, greatly improving the application range of the marble.


9. Break through the restricted area

The decorative parts of marble, no matter indoors, floors, window sills, porches, table tops, etc., there is no problem with the ordinary original board (the whole body board). The ceiling is no matter whether it is marble or granite. Take this risk. The composite board made of marble and aluminum-plastic board and aluminum honeycomb broke through the forbidden area of this stone decoration. Because it is very light, it weighs only 1/5 to 1/10 of the body board.

10. Energy saving

Because of its sound insulation, moisture resistance and heat preservation performance, the stone aluminum honeycomb composite board can greatly reduce the consumption of electric energy and heat energy after installation indoors and outdoors.

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