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What Are The Criteria For Choosing Home Decoration Marble?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Home decoration marble standard: natural marble is beautiful and colorful, and it is a good material for home decoration. The quality standards of natural marble are mainly divided into three aspects: appearance quality, processing quality and specular gloss.


Firstly, observe the appearance quality standards

Appearance quality also includes appearance defects, such as lack of edges, corners, cracks, stains, color lines, pits, marble sheets, and appearance defects such as warpage, depressions, and stains 


Secondly, measure the processing quality standards

The quality of the marble directly affects the decorative effect of the marble finish, and is also the main basis for the classification of the marble.


Thirdly, the gloss unit distinguishes the standard

In the marble standard, gloss is called specular gloss. The current standard for natural granite slabs stipulates that the front side of the mirrored sheet should have a specular gloss that clearly reflects the scene. The mirror gloss value of the mirror plate should be no less than 75 gloss units. Most granite slabs have a good gloss on the gloss of 80 to 90 gloss units.


Conclusion: From the ground to the wall, from the cabinet to the table and chairs, marble products penetrated into the entire home improvement market. When many marble companies seized the home improvement market, they rushed to produce service cards, pay attention to brand effects, and conduct experiential marketing. It can be foreseen that the home improvement market will bring unprecedented development opportunities for China's marble industry.

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