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What Are The Characteristics And Disadvantages Of Stone Curtain Wall?
- Jun 27, 2018 -

    The stone curtain wall is generally installed by dry hanging, because the dry hanging is slightly higher than the wet price, but there are some advantages. Dry hanging is safe and reliable, not easy to fall, so the higher walls are dry hanging. Wet plastering of external walls is prone to pan-alkali phenomenon and affects the appearance of the curtain wall. The freeze-thaw resistance of wet stickers is also poor, and it is prone to problems in frozen areas.


First, the stone seal should be designed according to the external protection structure, stone curtain wall slate should use igneous rock.

Second, natural stone curtain wall should not be used in high-rise and high-rise buildings. When the design requirements are adopted, there should be stone anti-fragmentation measures.

3. The framework of the stone curtain wall should be designed in consideration of the effects of building facades, forms of civil structures, and installation forms of stone curtain walls. It is necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of the curtain wall system, and also to consider the feasibility of the construction process.

Fourth, the stone curtain wall and its connecting parts shall have sufficient bearing capacity, rigidity and displacement capacity relative to the main structure. The pillars of the curtain wall skeleton shall be connected with the main structure through the metal corners. Bolts shall be used between the pillars and the corners, and the bolts shall be protected against loosening and non-slip movement.


5. Non-seismic design stone curtain walls shall not be damaged under the action of wind; stone curtain walls with anti-seismic design can still be used after being repaired under the action of fortified seismic intensity; under rare earthquakes, the curtain wall skeleton shall not fall off.

6. In the design of stone curtain wall components, the safety of the curtain wall system under the influence of gravity load, wind load, earthquake action, temperature action and displacement of the main structure should be fully considered.

Disadvantages of stone wall decoration:

1, bulky stone do high-rise building exterior there are many serious dangers, bidding in the construction industry is not yet fully regulated, many stone curtain wall project who is the lowest cost who won the bid, there are individual subcontracting, such low price bid In order not to lose money, it is necessary to cut corners, which makes it difficult to ensure the safety of the stone curtain wall;


2. There are irregular behaviors in the design. Many design institutes are not familiar with the curtain walls and only indicate on the drawings what the curtain wall is, regardless of the actual situation. Some of the stone curtain walls were designed by the successful curtain wall company. Some design institutes asked the structural engineer to review it seriously, but most of the design institutes took the form of a review and the design was not closed.


3, stone wall fire performance is very poor, especially in high-rise buildings, fires are generally lit in the room, the fire inside the building will make the temperature of the stainless steel plate and metal structure of the hanging stone plate, so that the steel softens, loses strength, the stone plate will The formation of slate "rain" from the high-level falls not only poses danger to pedestrians, but also causes difficulty in firefighting.