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Trendy Marble Series On Sale
- Oct 23, 2017 -

The trend toward personalization isn't restricted to personal articles like handbags and jewerlry. Natural stone is also a terrific way to blend different elements into a room and create interest. 

Fall beckons, and with the new season, comes another opportunity to refresh your home design.  Natural stone's versatility and ability to blend with just about any finishes makes it particularly fun to incorporate fall and winter color trends into rooms featuring stone prominently.  The key is to play off the colors of the natural stone or use it as the neutral foundation from which to build a look that's perfect for fall and winter. 

Here, we strongly recommend Thinkrock Stone Grey Marble Tile series and White Marble Tile series for your reference. Specifically, in these two series, we have wide range of stone options for your decoration. 

White marble series: Carrara white, Vietnam crystal white, Guangxi white, Bianco Statuario, Mugla white, Calacatta white, Milas lilac white, Palissandro Classico, Volakas white, Gentlemen white, Panda white, White Crabapple, Macedonia Sivec, Thassos white, Teakwood white.... 

Grey marble series: Hang grey, Tundra grey, Carmen grey, Turkey grey, Brown grey, Bosy grey, Maya grey, Castle grey, Grigio Carnico grey, Phantom grey, Momentum grey, Pisa grey, Cicili grey, Pietra grey, Teakwood grey, Teakwood Athen, China Cinderella marble, Hermes grey, Shakespeare grey, Dora cloud grey....

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