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The Processing Of Mosaic Tiles
- Dec 05, 2018 -

Stone mosaics mainly include marble mosaics, granite mosaics, jade mosaics, travertine mosaics, shaped mosaics, and art waistline mosaics.

mosaic tile

The production of stone mosaic is mainly the processing of stone mosaic blocks. The raw materials of the mosaic mainly come from the remaining corners of the sheet metal processing factory in the cutting of the cutting board. It is best to cut the remaining edge material of the thin plate below 1cm, the variety of stone. The more colors, the better. Mosaic mosaics mostly use matt or rough surfaces, as well as stone with polished surfaces. The size is generally 2-3 cm square, and larger surface sizes can be selected as needed. For small batch production or production of monolithic mosaic stone mosaic products, you can use a small desktop cutting machine with a diamond saw blade to cut mosaic mosaics, or you can use a small hydraulic cutting machine with upper and lower cutting tools to process mosaic mosaic blocks, processing flowers Granite mosaics can only be cut one by one; if you want to mass-produce regular-shaped marble mosaic blocks, it is feasible to use bridge-type bridge cutters. Several pieces of plates can be stacked and fixed with special fixtures. It can cut several pieces of parquet at a time, and the processing efficiency is high.


The mosaic mosaic block on the polished surface can be directly cut from the edge of the light plate. Matte or matte blocks need to be roughened. First, cut the corners of the 1-2cm thick and different colors of discarded boards into squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, or other regular blocks that can be used as the basic shape of the mosaic, and put them into the drum. When the drum rotates, the plates rub against each other, and finally form a matte block with a regular shape, a rounded corner, a matte surface, and a uniform degree of wear.

big green flower

There are three methods for laying stone mosaic patterns. One is the method of sticking and splicing patterns on the whole board, also called direct assembly method. In addition, there are two methods of laying the mosaic mosaic pattern of the rough surface. The first one is the back paper method, similar to the glass mosaic. The paste pattern is first attached to the kraft paper net, and the concrete is directly adhered to the mounting surface. On the top, after curing, the paper net can be removed; the other is the bracket method, which can be pre-made according to the design pattern to make some ABS plastic brackets, each of which corresponds to a bracket, and the bracket is fixed on the mounting surface by screws Then, the stone is adhered to the bracket by the adhesive, and the same can be composed of various beautiful and antique stone mosaic effects, and the construction is very convenient.

teakwood marble

The back paper method is easy to install. Since the mosaic pattern has been pre-designed at the factory, the composition of the screen is single and rigid, and the artistic creativity is lost. However, it is very suitable for the standardization and mass production mode of the factory. Although the bracket method is complicated to teach, it can be made by the installer according to the pre-designed pattern and shape, leaving the installer with a large space for imagination.

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