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The Introduction Of Marble Water-jet Medallion
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The variety of stone in the world is being promoted every day, and the colorful stones on the market are unforgettable. People's pursuit of aesthetic stone will never stop. People are no longer satisfied with the flat, regular plates. The popularity of stone Water-jet Medallion has also emerged.


What Is Marble Water-jet Medallion?


With the continuous advancement of technology, most of the manual Water-jet work has been replaced by more advanced water-jet machine production process.

The processing principle of stone water-jet medallion is: the technical worker uses computer-aided drafting software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) to convert the pre-designed pattern into NC program through CAD, and then transfer the NC program to the CNC water cutting machine. . According to the data received, the water-jet profiled automaton cuts various natural stone into individual graphic components in batches. The cut components are then manually modified, spliced, repaired and bonded into a whole, and finally polished. This completes the production of the entire water-jet medallion.

marble waterjet


The development and application of the water-jet medallion system has brought the art of stone medallion to a higher level. The processing of some delicate work-pieces that cannot be hand-made is made easy. It can also be produced safely in the parts that are easily broken during the hand-made process. The fit between the parts and the parts is greatly improved, and the traces of the stitching are very fine. This greatly improves the quality and effect of the stone medallion.

Making a medallion is actually an artistic creation. From the idea to the pattern, from the sketching of the pattern to the choice of the stone, to the completion of the object, it infiltrates the intelligence and physical strength of the laborer. After the completion of a piece of work, by enjoying the art pattern with high artistic level, we will enlighten our creativity while enjoying the beauty.

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