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The Classifications Of Jade Stone
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Jewelry and jade are divided into natural jewels and artificial gems according to their genetic type (ie natural or artificial).

            First, natural jewelry jade

            Divided into categories and components:

            1. Natural gemstones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc.;

            2, natural jade: jade, nephrite, jade, etc.;

            3, organic gemstones: pearls, corals, amber, etc.; cultured pearls are also such.

            Second, artificial gem

            It is a material that is wholly or partly manufactured or manufactured for use as jewelry and accessories.

            1. Synthetic gemstone: synthetic emerald, synthetic ruby;

            2, artificial gemstones: artificial garnet garnet, artificial barium titanate, etc.; so far has not been found in the natural office;

            3. Flattening gems: jewels made of two or more materials that have been artificially combined and give an overall impression;

            4. Re-engineering gems: The pieces or pieces of natural jewels are welded or pressed into jewels with an overall appearance by artificial means. Commonly, amber is rebuilt and turquoise is recreated.

            Third, imitation gems

            It is an artificial gem that mimics the color, appearance and special optical effects of natural jewels. For example, imitation diamonds, imitation emeralds, etc.