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News/Fuding Black (basalt) Stone Plate Mine Will Be Planned As A Tourist Attraction
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Polished Black Granite Slab

Fuding Black is also known as basalt. It is called Fuding Black because it is produced in the northwest of Taimu Mountain in Daling Mountain, Bailin Town, Fuding City, Fujian Province. Fuding Black is a low-radiation, environmentally-friendly product with high quality. The products are sold throughout the country, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc., and are favored by customers. The basalt storage capacity of Bailin Dashan Mountain in Fuding City, Fujian Province is 500 million cubic meters. The ore is barely surfaced, black in color and elegant in color. It is a rare high-grade building board in the country. It is one of the national building stone bases and was named "Fuding Black" by the State Council Building Materials Bureau.

Grantie Mining Mountain

stone mountain

Mining Mountain

raw stone

In Fuding Bailin, Nodding and other towns, there are about 50,000 stone plate processing and production, and there are still more than 300 projects that are still in operation. In the heyday, the daily quarrying volume of mines is more than 500 vehicles. Nowadays, more than 100 vehicles are limited, and industrial zones are built. There is a sewage treatment plant and the cost is shared by various producers. Due to the sharp decline in the stock of over-exploited mines, although the existing mining volume is limited, once the factories start construction, the mines that can not withstand 20 years of mining will be exhausted and the resources are serious. The loss has attracted the attention of the government. After 2018, the Fuding Black Mine will stop mining and keep the mine as a cultural monument for tourists to watch. I hope that the development of resources will protect the ecological environment while developing the economy, leaving behind future generations. More than just memory.

polished tile

balck polished fan grantie

iiregular grantie structure

In order to further help the transformation and upgrading of stone enterprises, while actively guiding and helping stone enterprises to carry out the retreat and integration, Fuding City will invest heavily in the construction of supporting infrastructure of Bailin Stone Industrial Park to absorb and integrate towns and villages such as Bailin, Nodding and Taimu Mountain. Stone processing enterprises to create a modern Bailin basalt stone industry park.

granite fountain

granite garden

The curtain of the rectification of stone processing enterprises has been opened, leaving us with little time. We are working hard to complete the last batch of orders to ensure that the products are delivered to customers as scheduled. Lao He, the owner of the stone processing factory with more than 20 years of experience, said that the industrial transformation seems to be a bit tragic.

The old stone processing factory is small and chaotic, and the facilities for sewage treatment, dust reduction and noise reduction have not met the environmental protection requirements. It is the object of this rectification and retreat. In this transformation, I originally wanted to hand over the baton to the children, and in accordance with the requirements of the government, keep up with the pace of the times and make the stone industry stronger and bigger. The helpless children were unwilling to take over the business and completed the last batch of orders. The old man can only retire this opportunity.

Stone processing enterprises like Laohe, in Bailin, Nodding, Taimu Mountain and other towns and towns, have a total of more than 300, accounting for more than 90% of Fuding's total stone processing enterprises, and these companies have to undergo a transformational pain.

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