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Muslim Style Stone Door System Solution
- Nov 26, 2018 -

1. Main features of the Muslim style door system

The four heads of the Ningxia Grand Theatre are made of Muslim-style, the exterior wall is made of Shaanxi Baima stone, the inner ceiling is made of surface-sprayed stone pattern aluminum ceiling, and the suspended aluminum plate is made up of two curved arches of front and side. Fully demonstrate the Muslim style.


Simon's Head Live Photo

2. Curtain wall system main material stone research institute (IDstone5A)

The inner keel of the suspended ceiling is made of 200×150 galvanized square steel and 80×60×5 square steel. The 50×50×5 angle steel is arranged in a crisscross pattern. 80×60×5 square steel is treated by curved arc, and the aluminum plate is made of 3mm thick aluminum plate. Paint spray treatment.


Ceiling steel keel installation photo

3. Analysis of the difficulty of the Muslim style door system

Since the ceiling aluminum plate is formed by the intersection of two curved surfaces, the order and division of the aluminum plate becomes a difficult point of the system. Although the aluminum plate is a single curved aluminum plate, the curved cutting streamline shape still needs accurate annotation and expression.

4. Muslim style door system solution

After modeling and assisting software sketch master and rhinoceros modeling analysis, it is used for order processing of curved surfaces. Accurately complete the docking of the shape of the aluminum plate. Accurate machining dimensions create good conditions for on-site installation.



Simon's head ceiling complete photo

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