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Knowledge/Threshold Stone And Its Usage
- Nov 29, 2018 -

With the development of the popular style of home to the direction of minimalism,

 many owners think that the threshold of "obscuring the eye" or not feeling is a kind

 of visual burden. I feel that it is enough to lay the floor tiles. In fact, the threshold

 stone plays an important role in the home. Today, we talk about whether it is necessary

 to lay the door stone in the process of home decoration.


Threshold stone example

What is the threshold stone?

The so-called threshold stone is also called the door stone, generally used for the connection position of two spaces, common in the door of the room. Simply put, the tile on the ground between the two door frames.

What is the use of the threshold stone?

1 visual transition

Transitional connection between two different materials. For example, the living room is paved with tiles, and the bedroom is covered with floor. Under normal circumstances, the position of the bedroom door will be connected with the door stone, which is mainly because the closing construction is relatively simple.

2 corrected height

The two spaces have different ground heights. For example, there is a difference between the two floors where the floor and the tile are laid. The problem is not considered in advance, or in order to save costs, the slope or chamfer of the threshold stone can solve the height difference problem well.

3 effective water retaining

In addition to the transitional effect, the door sill of the bathroom has a function of a water retaining strip, which is generally higher than the bathroom and can have a certain anti-overflow effect on the water in the bathroom.

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