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Kitchen Trends Here To Stay
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Just because it's trendy doesn't mean it's not timeless. The current gorgeous kitchen trends-- including minimal upper cabinetry, sparkling quartz counters, and one-of-a-kind ceiling treatments--are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

  1. Quartz-surfacing countertops: 

    Quartz-surfacing countertops require less upkeep than their granite counterparts and offer timeless appeal. Plus, the shimmering surface is less dominant than other materials, so you're unlikely to grow tired of it. 

  2. Open layout:

    Tear down those walls, and banish kitchen isolation: Open layouts are here to stay. A desire for informal dining and comfortable cooking drives this design trend, supporting a casual yet connected lifestyle. Open kitchens encourage interaction and entertainment with their breezy blend of living spaces.

  3. Induction cooking:

    Fast, safe, and aesthetically pleasing--there are many reasons to love induction cooking. Because induction burners utilize little heat, even cramped kitchen stay cool while cooking, and surfaces remain safe to touch. Plus, these cooktops eliminate the need for a large range of hood, opening the door to creative design possibilities. 

  4. Single-leveled island:

    When keeping an open layout, single-level islands allow light to seamlessly  stream through a space. Not only do counter-height islands increase the intimacy of a kitchen, they also expand valuable prep space.

  5. Ceiling treatments:

    Realize the untapped potential of kitchen ceilings. For the often overlooked area overhead, shallow coffers shake up small spaces, while molding complementing the shape of an island or work space below can help define larger kitchens.