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How To Use Stone Processing Surface
- Jan 28, 2019 -

1. Polished surface panels

In the building decoration industry, especially in the lobby of luxury high-end buildings such as star-rated 

hotels, restaurants, hotels, business buildings, office buildings, etc., the ground is paved with light-colored, 

bright and mirror-like light panel stone. The light panel is a polished stone plate with a bright surface and rich 

texture, which can show the potential beauty of the stone. However, if the light panel is used in an outdoor 

paving, especially on a rainy day, pedestrians will always feel unsafe. Decorative applications for wall and 

water features are usually available.

Natural Granite G654 Handrail 3 Sides Polished_3455


2. Flamed, bush-hammered surface panels

Compared with polished panels, the flamed panels and bush-hammered panels are far from with the texture and 

characteristics, and it is also the multi-faced nature of the stone. After the plate is fired or roughed, the surface 

of the plate becomes a bit uneven. Whether it is dust in the air or the sand that is accidentally left behind during 

installation, it is easy to stick to the surface of the board, which is difficult to clean. It can be seen that some 

outdoor stone floors become grayish black and gray, and it is difficult to distinguish whether the stone is red or 

green, but it is not aesthetic. However, such sheets have good surface slip resistance and are often used at 


Tianshan Red Curb Stone Paving Stone Flamed_2824




3. Honed surface panels

Honed surface is to control the brightness of the stone when the stone is polished, so that the stone plate can achieve a flat surface without slipping effect, but the potential beauty of the stone (its grain, grain body and color) can be basically revealed. It is also more wear-resistant and rub-resistant, and has good anti-slip properties. Therefore, such stone is suitable for outdoor decoration.



4. Natural surface panels

The stone is mined from the natural rock mass. The surface that appears before the treatment is a natural rugged effect. The height of the undulation varies by 3-6 cm. This kind of stone surface is not suitable for laying on the ground, however can be used as a flower trough, step and other applications.