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How To Typeset Before Paving The Landscape Stone On Ground?(C)
- Nov 07, 2018 -


1、The sealing pavement gap should not exceed 2mm. During the paving construction process, tools (such as iron wire, metal sheet, etc.) are needed to assist in controlling the seam width. Before the paving, the stone burrs need to be edging to reduce the dimensional error;

2、The seam width of the seam is designed according to the design requirements. During the paving construction process, tools (such as hanging wire and cross flower) are needed to control the seam width, and the difference should not exceed 1mm;

3、The joint is made of a jointing agent coordinated with the stone, and the elevation is consistent and flat;

4、The seam sweeping is made of fine sand or dry ash to control the height of the sweeping seam and the look is even.


▲Control the width of the seam and the slit by means of a cross locator, small pieces of wood, bamboo pieces, etc.


                ▼When paving a large area, the cross control line should be pulled, and the spacing should not be greater than 5m.


▲Spray paste is strictly prohibited


▼Clearing before sewing


 ▲Scrub after sewing



▼Expansion joints up and down


The expansion joint is set at the edge of the wave line▲


▲The setting of the expansion joint must be reasonable and beautiful, and the paving, wave-punching and structural layers should be considered and reserved.


- The End -

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