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How To Typeset Before Paving The Landscape Stone On Ground?(B)
- Nov 01, 2018 -


1、Before the stone paving, the concrete base level elevation must be re-tested, and the
 elevation and slope must be correct.
2、The thickness of the bonding layer mortar is determined according to the horizontal line 
of the stone, and the thickness of the mortar is generally about 3 cm to 5 cm. When paving, 
the cement mortar combined with the layer should not be paved too much at one time.

3、The dry mortar has less water content, and the initial strength of the mortar is higher than that of ordinary cement mortar. The water content must be strictly controlled, and the water 

content is generally 7-9%.

pavement bonding layer

▲The ratio of the dry mortar to the pavement bonding layer should be well mastered. The dry mortar is generally picked up and held into a ball, and the flowering is dropped. The ratio of cement to sand is 1:3.

Elevation control

▲Elevation control error, mortar is too thick (error)


▲Mortar is too dry (wrong)


When important nodes are paved and typeset, the on-picture stakeout and the field stakeout are combined. When it is not possible to meet the modulus of all the plates, 45° pairs or large plates can be found in the concealed parts such as corners. The specifications of the large-face paving plates should be as uniform as possible to reduce the construction difficulty.


▲Proper modulus, half-diagonal opening

▼Untyped (error) 


After typesetting, the whole side of the material is not broken (correct)▲


▲45° sewing treatment


▲Elaborate typesetting (correct)

▼Not typeset, poor effect (error)

8  9

           Specification edge processing (correct)▲

▼Typesetting is not optimized (error)


Adjust position, symmetrical to the left side of the corner (correct)▲

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