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How To Make Crystal Jewelry-A
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Crystal is a piece of antimony ore that has been bred in the underground for thousands of years, and it has also turned into a beautiful ornament from a dim ore.

Let’s take a look at the original mine.



Before processing the crystal, the workers in the factory must break the large pieces of ore that they bought into small particles that can be processed. Before that, they should carefully select the large pieces of material from the ore to make them bigger. Carved pieces. This work requires the workers to knock one by one, and the machine can't replace it. So the workers at this step are very hard. For ordinary ore hammering with a hammer, a valuable ore is to be carefully observed and then carefully cut with a chainsaw.

After knocking out the ore, the gravel should be placed in a vibrating bucket and chamfered. The chamfer is rubbed against the rubble in the vibrating bucket, and the sharp edges and corners caused by the tapping are erased while the next process is performed. It is this step that makes the stone door lose its own sleek.

This process worker is more trouble-free, but this process is also a long process. It usually takes two to three days. Uninterrupted grinding, the stone can become smooth.



After a long chamfer, it is the next process, grinding the beads, first screening the ore of the good angle, sorting and sorting and then turning into the machine for grinding the ball to make a preliminary rounding. Use the abrasive tool to the desired size to grind beads of different sizes. This step takes a little shorter.