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How To Clean Rust Spot On Stone?
- Jan 23, 2019 -

The treatment of rust spots is mainly carried out by using a rust remover. 

In the rust removal treatment, the following points should be noted: 

(1) Try to avoid the direct cleaning of stone rust by oxalic acid, because oxalic acid simply redoxes rust spots (Fe2+), and the redox iron ions are still unstable. It is easy to re-oxidize with water and oxygen in the air to regenerate rust, and further enlarge the area of the rust with the flow of the aqueous oxalic acid solution. This is why the rust spots will be removed more and more as the oxalic acid is removed. 

(2) When using rust remover, be sure to use good quality products. Because of the good rust remover in addition to the acid component, an appropriate amount of additives are added to maintain the stability of the iron ions in the redox reaction. The rust spots treated with this rust remover can remain for a long time without recurrence even without protection. On the contrary, some rust removers are simple mixtures of some acids, which cannot maintain the stability of iron ions in the redox reaction and have a high recurrence. 

(3) Due to the different composition of marble and granite, the nature is different. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which is alkaline; the main component of granite is silica, which is acidic. Therefore, when using a rust remover, it is necessary to distinguish the marble rust remover and the granite rust remover. Granite rust remover must not be used for marble rust treatment. 

(4) When the surface rust is treated, it is only necessary to apply the rust remover to the surface. Sometimes, it can also be treated by surface grinding and polishing; the treatment of deep rust is relatively complicated, and it is necessary to maintain a certain dose and reaction time. Sometimes it will need to be reused to achieve the desired results. 

(5) After the construction of the stone is used, it is recommended to clean it again with clean water. After drying, it must be treated with high-quality stone curing agent. The purpose is to completely remove the residue after the oxidation reaction and prevent the oxidation reaction from occurring again.