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How To Choose Natural Stone
- Jan 30, 2019 -

Natural stone is the oldest building material, and the natural texture and magnificent color changes are loved by people 

and closely related to people's daily life.

At present, there are many kinds of stone materials, which may not be used in construction. In general, the basic 

requirements for building materials must meet the following characteristics in order to be loved and used by consumers.

1. color

It is an important factor affecting the selection of stone. It is mainly composed of three parts: basic color, flower color 

and pattern. The general base color is the color of the matrix or fine grain and uniform grain of the rock. The stone of 

different colors often determines the decorative effect and the applicable occasion. For example, granite in red tones is 

rich, luxurious and elegant, while granite in black tones is solemn, solemn and elegant; marbles in green tones are full of 

life; all these different shades of stone are Suitable for different decorative occasions.

2. function

In addition to the hue, natural facing stone should also consider the function of the ornament. In the home, the 

decoration of the living room and bedroom should use warm colors to show a warm and comfortable atmosphere, while 

the decoration for the bathroom and kitchen should be light and elegant to show cleanliness.

3. Decorative intent and environmental impact

Due to the different parts decorated with natural veneer stone, the type of stone used is different. When used for outdoor

 decoration, it needs to withstand wind, rain, and sun. Because it does not contain carbonate, it has low water absorption 

rate and strong weather resistance. It is best to use various types of granite stone; The decorative stone of the floor 

decoration requires stable physical and chemical properties and high mechanical strength. It should be the preferred 

granite stone; it is used for the decoration of the wall skirt and the home bedroom floor, and the mechanical strength is 

slightly poor. It is suitable to use marble with beautiful patterns.

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