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Granite Slab Tile, Optimal Choice For Countertops
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Granite is quickly becoming the most in-demand material for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. Although the price of slab granite has started to decrease in recent years, it remains among the most expensive materials for countertops. For those who love the look but not the cost, granite tile can be a budget-friendly solution. In addition to a lower upfront price, granite tiles are a DIY-friendly product that can save on professional installation costs. Even better, they can be used to cover dated countertops for a low-cost remodel.

As aesthetically pleasing as granite may be, this material is also extremely practical. The hardworking surface is the most durable of all countertop materials. If properly maintained, granite is stain, chip and heat-resistant and can last for years or decades. Hot pots can be placed directly on granite, you can cut right on the surface without damage, and spills wipe away easily. The natural stone's elegant beauty appeals to homeowners wanting a classic and chic look. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, granite can fit into nearly any home styles.


Located in Shuitou County, stone center of China, Thinkrock Stone is accessible to all kinds of stone materials, especially granite. Typically, we have specialized seven color series for our granite products, namely white, yellow, blue, black, green, brown, pink series. 

If you are in need of granite slab, panel or tile, welcome to contact us. 

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