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Finishes/Polished To Perfection
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Polished to Perfection 


Polished Granite

A smooth, reflective finish. The polished stone finish brings out the rich colors of the stone and enhances natural pattern and veining. Our most popular finish, as it shows off the depth and beauty of the natural stone. This finish reduces porosity of the StonePly making it more resistant to staining. Polished stone is not recommended for outdoor flooring as there is minimal slip resistance.


Flamed Granite

A rough granite finish that highlights the sparkling crystals of granite A method consisting of torching the stone face followed by water cooling to shock the minerals in the stone. This enhances the crystal properties. Flamed panels are typically used in flooring and exterior applications. Additional weight is added with this selection due to the stone veneer needing to be thicker to handle the stress fractures caused by the thermal shock.


Honed Granite

A smooth and non-reflective finish. The honed texture reduces the vibrant color found in a polished stone leaving you with a warm, but slightly dull finish. The variations in the stone are still visible in this aesthetically pleasing selection. A popular choice for flooring and wall accents.


Sandblasted Granite

This texture is achieved by blasting the face of the stone with sand through an air gun. It produces a rough finish lighter in color than the polished finish. The stone is left with very small craters in the surface resulting in a silky, matte appearance but without the coarse and sharp protrusions of other textures.


Grooved Granite

Parallel grooves sawn across the face of the stone.


Waterjet Granite

An alternative to flaming that produces a rough face while preserving the stone color. A strong water head is used to impact the face of the stone so unlike flaming, you aren’t jeopardizing the integrity of your panel with this finish and can still preserve the ornamental potential.


Acid Wash Limestone

A rustic finish achieved by applying an acid bath to the stone face. When used on softer selections like marble, travertine, limestone, or sandstone, the chemical process etches away heavily at the porous stone, resulting in a beautiful, antiqued appearance. Slight changes are noted on granite but they are minimal in comparison.


Grooved Limestone

Parallel grooves sawn across the face of the stone.


Honed Limestone

Matte, consistent finish


Polished Limestone

Polished to a shine

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