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Can You Return Tile To Floor And Decor
- Jul 27, 2017 -

When it comes to floor and decoration, we often come across a problem: How can I make sure that the floor we are going to install will be properly installed?

Here are five important steps which will help you install the floor properly.

1. Have the owner or contractors confirm that the LLD (Live Load Deflection) of the substrate is L/720 maximum.

2. Read ANSI requirements for bonding mortar and grouts, not just technical data sheets from the manufacturer. Do not accept oral information from supplier on working qualities of their products.

3. Know the pros and cons of the installation method you are going to employ. Make sure the method chosen is consistent with the projects requirements.

4. Use a moisture barrier on all on grade installation. Use a moisture barrier at the perimeter of the floor at exterior walls. Use a crack suppression membrane on all floors where the substrate is subject to deflection.

5. Where the stone is subject to water (bathroom), use a hard grout to avoid moisture movement through the grout joint.