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Buy Artificial Cultural Stone Needs To Pay Attention To What Issues
- Oct 22, 2016 -

Fossil is a wonderful work of building materials, artificial cultural stone stones big natural culture reduces the problem of scarce resources, but also avoid the culture of natural stone radiation problems, but yes we buy artificial culture is to pay more attention to some problems.

Out: first of all, check whether the artificial stone product quality system certification, security labels, inspection reports, and so on.

Second row: use a nail plate surface, there is no obvious scratches, determine its hardness.

Three: Visual color pure, no plastic-like texture on the surface, plate there is no pores.

Four touch: touch the sample surface of tart, with silk and no clear sense of rough and smooth interface.

Five smell: smell pungent chemical odour-free.

Six touch: the same two samples and rap, not easily broken.

Seven burned: take a piece of thin strips of artificial stone, put it on the fire to burn, the poor quality of artificial stone is easy to burn and burn great, good quality artificial stone is not burn unless combined with combustion thing, and is automatically extinguished.

Eight fall: its hardness and strength, take a piece of material, size 200*200 can, tried to cement the ground, poor-quality artificial stone comminuted broke into many small pieces, good quality, at best, broken up into two or three pieces, but not too hard, can also play from the ground up.