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British Tan Brown - One Of The Most Demanding Granites In The World
- Nov 05, 2018 -

In the world of granite markets, the British brown granite produced in India is the most prestigious one. In the past few years, some colors of granite have begun to be popular, and some have been eliminated by the times, only the charm of British brown is enduring. It is still one of the most demanding granites in the world. Some large engineering projects and renovation projects are using British brown.


British Brown /TAN BROWN Granite 

Physical properties: 

bulk density 2.97g/cm3, 

pressure resistance 122.6Mpa,

bending resistance 17.4Mpa, 

water absorption rate 0.19%, 

Mohs hardness 6.6,

 gloss 86.6

Layout characteristics: brown red, good luminosity, so the difference in texture has no effect on the opening of different blocks. Face opening: large pattern, open from the side: small pattern

Main advantages and disadvantages: The variety is mainly red-brown biliary structure, which is divided into deep red, reddish, large flowers and small flowers according to different colors. The variety is relatively stable. The color, crystal and pattern of the same mine are slightly changed. The main defects are black gall, black line, red ribs, uneven texture, uneven flower, and crack. Blocks are very large. China prefers a small brown pattern on a brown background.

Anyone familiar with the granite knows that instead of calling it British brown, it is better to call it the British brown stone family. Because there are several quarries in India, the types of British brown granite, color combinations and textures produced there are also different.

Stone Research Institute (IDstone5A)


The quarry of the British Brown Granite family is located in Andhra Pradesh, India. There are about six quarries in the Grimnagar area. There are similar stones in the surrounding areas, such as: sapphire brown (also known as British red brown), sapphire blue, chocolate brown, coffee brown. All of these can be called "the British brown granite family". In addition, there are also such as Galaxy White and Steel Ash. In geological terms, these are the stone of the porphyry family, which contains crystalline material and is found in large areas of mining.

Various shades of British brown


British brown stone maintenance renovation method steps

Ground British brown stone before the renovation and grinding, then waterproof, and then make caulking, the purpose is to make the British brown granite as little water as possible, to reduce the British brown granite water absorption law, the conditions allow, finally do another waterproof .

Rough grinding: British brown granite is grooved before being ground and then waterproofed, then caulked. After the waterproof effect comes out, use the hard grinding block of diamond resin. The amount of coarse grinding water should not be remembered too much. After each grinding piece is wiped clean with a mop, thoroughly absorb the water and check the depth of the grinding. Whether the scribe lane is ground with 50# grinding discs, and so on, the machine walks the well and the coarse grinding accounts for 45% of the total grinding time, which is the key link to ensure the quality of the completion of the project.

Fine grinding: before the grinding, do the waterproofing first. After the waterproof effect comes out, use the soft water grinding sheet of diamond resin. The fine grinding accounts for 35% of the whole time, and the fineness can reach 50 degrees after fine grinding to 2000#.

Fine grinding: Before the grinding, the British brown granite must be 70% dry, first treated with natural British brown granite sealant, so that the British brown granite fills the loose and strengthens the material. After polishing, the gloss is improved very much, and the surface density of British brown granite is improved, which lays a solid foundation for the polishing agent and enhances the adhesion of the polishing material.

Polishing: Polished British brown granite must be thoroughly dried. The surface power of the crystal machine is more than 2HP. It is introduced into the milk Q5 for polishing. After polishing, the surface gloss of the British brown granite can be at least 90-100 degrees.

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