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Blending Stones
- Aug 04, 2017 -

When more than one pallet of stone is to be used in an area, stone from all the pallets should be examined to verify that the colors, shading, and markings are going to be consistent within the requirements of the project. It is unrealistic to assume that two pallets of stone will blend together within the requirements of the project without verifying it. Only so much stone can be produced from one block, and stone will vary from block to block. Additionally, because of the methods employed in production, it does not require modular stone tile (tile up to 24*24* under 3/4) to blend together as well as a similar production in 2 cm or more thickness, or dimensions greater than 24*24. Therefore, almost every complaint of shading with modular stone tile will be difficult to assert. It is the responsibility of the installer to understand the shading variations received, and to insure that that shading in the entire floor is acceptable to the purchaser prior to installation.

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