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Thinkrock Stone is a full service marble,granite, basalt, sandstone, stack stone fabrication company, creating a “one-stop shop” source for your outdoor and indoor projects.

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Thinkrock Stone is excited to offer you more than 15 years of the finest experience in marble granite stone materials. All fabrication occurs within our own facilities, assuring our customers they are receiving the highest quality of services at the most competitive pricing.

01 Customer first, providing satisfactory service for each customer is the ultimate goal of all our work, We are trustworthy.
02 We've been focusing on stone for more then 15 years ,full of the finest experience in marble granite stone materials
03 We have own quarry and stone factory to make sure unbeatable price, and satisfy customized product requirements
04 Our factory have complete quality system assuring our customers they are receiving the highest quality products
05 Our Experienced team have professional knowledge of stone, efficient in work and able to meet most of our customers' requirements.
06 Rich experience of us in import and export logistics, ensure the products are delivered to customers in good condition.





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-- STEP 1--

Confirm all information of the ordered stone products with us, sign the contract, and pay the deposit.

-- STEP 2 --

Our business department notifies our stone factory to arrange the specified stone products for the production order.

-- STEP 3 --

When stone products finished processing in our stone factory, strict inspective OK, packaged stone products well satisfy customer's requirements

-- STEP 4 --

Arrange the transportation mode, contact the logistics company, and deliver the stone products to the customers as soon as possible.