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New G603 Black and White Granite Paving (Bianco Catalina,Bacuo White)

New G603 Black and White Granite Paving (Bianco Catalina, Bacuo White) New G603 Seasame White Granite is a superior kind of natural stone decorative.

Products Specification:

New G603 Black and White Granite Paving (Bianco Catalina, Bacuo White)
New G603 Seasame White Granite is a superior kind of natural stone decorative. Due to its less content of color stripe,strong decorative feature and soft bright color, can give people a sense of gorgeousness.It has a large amount of exportation and domestic sales each year thus to be the first choice in the indoor and outdoor decoration project.

·Slab size: max 1600mm x 2400mm, thickness: from 1cm to 3cm
·Tile size: 305 x 305mm/400 x 400mm/457 x 457mm,or customized
·Stable and uniform color
·High hardness and tight mineral structure, less weathered minerals
·P.E.I. rating is not applicable for natural stone
·Impervious flooring has water absorption of less than 0.5%
·Frost resistant 
·Suitable for construction projects both commercial and residential
·Environmental friendly and Green material for interior and outdoor facing slab because it is non-radioative.
·It is recommended you purchase a minimum of 10% overage to account for design cuts and patterns

Synonyms: Bianco Catalina Black &White
Color Family: White &Grey
Stone Type: Granite
Country: China
Available Finishes: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Bush-Hammered, Pineapple, Mushroom, Nature Surface, Antique, etc

Technical Data:
·Compressive strength(C.S):156.6MPa
·Modulus of Rupture(M.R.):15.8Mpa
·Water Absorption: 0.33%
·Density: 2.65g/cm3

Usage: Exterior-Interior building wall, Flooring, Countertops, Worktops, vanity tops, Windowsills, Sink, Swimming pools, Tiles, Stair, Paving stone, Curbstones, Backsplash, Fireplaces Façade, Mosaic, Fountains, Tombstones and Monuments, Landscape, etc.

Product pictures

New G603 white granite tile(1).jpg

New G603 white granite tile(2).jpg
New G603 white granite tile(3).jpg
New G603 white granite tile(4).jpg

New G603 white granite tile(1).jpg

Welcome to purchase pure natural quality new g603 black and white granite paving (bianco catalina,bacuo white) from Thinkrock Stone which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are one of the world's famous brands. Known for its high quality, high strength and good decoration and practical value, this stone deserves your trust.

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