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Brief Method Of Brick Masonry And Its Characteristics

1. mainly of brick masonry building methods: Junichi Ding; three d; diced plum.

2. several methods for masonry brick masonry main features:

(1) all Shun-build method is a stretcher and Peel all the small blocks spaced blocks, staggered Vertical joints between the upper and lower skins 1/4 blocks long.

(2) a three-building method is all three skin stretcher interval and Peel all the small brick blocks, staggered Vertical joints between the stretcher and the small brick 1/4 bricks long, staggered along the vertical joint between brick 1/2 brick is long.

(3) Torx-build method is a small brick in each skin separated from the stretcher, butyl epithelial skin stretcher brick sitting next, staggered Vertical joints between 1/4 blocks long.