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Artificial Culture Stone Manufacturers Development Must Take Into Account Two Major Factors
- Oct 22, 2016 -

Nearly five years years, artificial cultural stone, stone has become a trend for world consumption in construction industry, global stone trade growth, trade by sea.

Now artificial cultural stone industry there are two main factors that you must consider:

1. reduce logistics costs. High cost of containers, large flatbed truck transporting uncut slabs cheaper, but quality is too low, it is necessary to focus on protection during transport, and early transportation routes roads, reduce road transport, improving the quality of transport.

2. improve resource utilization. First market environment, a lot of lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers, landscaping stone market, not only the environment, but also prevent the dust flying everywhere. Stone scrap, stone powder, also can treasure, merchant stone cutting in the produced of waste pulp can sold cement plant, don't of waste in workshop processing can into artificial rock material, after cutting, can into artificial stone plate, artificial stone plate and General marble price quite, this "cycle development" reflected has save resources and reduce environment pressure, stone industry sustainable development of direction, local Government also will focus support.